The Publicity Shop

One of the reasons that we are asked to create and produce publicity campaigns is that we can provide a same day service when required . That's right, we have the talent and resources to create a brief and publish content online in one day.

We own and run a number of news and magazine web sites with global reach incorporating the ability to burrow down to a local area when required.

When it comes to PR services, The Publicity Shop PR truly is one of the best One Stop Shops for business marketing and digital marketing.

The Publicity Shop PR’s publicist team members are based in Sydney and in other locations around the World so that we can provide PR advice based on local knowledge

We can handle any project, of any size, with any marketing brief.

Many other global leaders in PR and marketing write to us every day sending content for us to place in print, video and digital formats on behalf of their clients.

The Publicity Shop PR’s communication methods are traditional and effective but we sure know how to create buzz using Social Media as well.

The Publicity Shop

"The best way to get the attention of media executives who make decisions on what is published, is to hire experienced and well connected journalists"